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For all who love barefoot as the most original form of movement but want to avoid dirty soles, cuts and slanted looks! The fullsoul is an ultra minimalist and elegant "barefoot shoe", made from one piece of thin leather, no seams, no rivets, no glue. Through fine straps the leather sole nestles up against the foot like a second skin. Our sandals were invented by Prof. Dr. Martin Daumer and are crafted by master goldsmith and leather expert Barbara Ulsamer.


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one cut fits all Price: 129€ + shipping incl. tax


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The idea for the fullsoul runningpad came from the passionate long-distance, mountain and barefoot runner Dr. Martin Daumer, inspired by the evolutionary-biologically based hypothesis that man is "born to run" - as a high-temperature forefoot long-distance runner who, with his extraordinary stamina, has been able to assert himself in evolutionary hunting. Over many years he developed and tested various minimal shoe prototypes. A first milestone was the ISPO Award 2012 for the heel-free model freeheel runningpad®. He received the second ISPO Award in 2016 in the outdoor segment for the current minimal shoe fullsoul runningpad. Within the scope of his professional research activities, Martin Daumer investigates, among other things, possibilities to quantify human movement in everyday life with mobile sensor technology.

Each custom-made fullsoul runningpad is unique, made to fit the individual foot shape. The minimal shoe is cut out of one piece of thin, resistant cowhide (100% vegetable tanned) with a computer-controlled cutting plotter and finished by hand. It weighs ultralight 70 g with shoe size 43 EU (9 1/2 US) and medium leather thickness.

Warning: Running barefoot is different

You don't just want to go barefoot, but also want to run with minimal shoes like the fullsoul runningpad? Please note: A too fast change from the typical heel-heeled running style to forefoot / midfoot running can lead to overstrain and serious injury. Muscles and tendons need time to adapt! Sports physicians, physiotherapists and orthopedists as well as suitable sources on the Internet advise and support you in this process, e.g. on .
For more information on the topic refer to the an interview with Dr. Martin Daumer on

Our recommendation for barefoot running

Start with short running distances and pay attention to how the body reacts. Then increase distances and speed very carefully. Also inform yourself about forefoot/midfoot running and healthy transition. You can find more orientation, information and scientific findings on the net. Our own research results show that during the transition phase the risk of running injuries is more than tripled:
On the measurement of running

Study: Running Injuries of Shod vs. Minimal

Survey conducted in context of "On The Measurement of Running Style 1: Risks and Benefits in Transitioning To Barefoot/Minimal Footwear Running" M. Daumer PhD, C. Kleinmond PhD, C. Stolle MSC, C. Lederer PhD, M. Hilgers MD, M. Walther MD

Transition Experiences: Many individuals reported a transition phase from traditional to minimal footwear or barefoot running, noting improvements in running form and a decrease in injuries. Transition times varied, with some experiencing a few months to adapt fully.
Injuries and Recovery: There was a significant emphasis on the reduction of running-related injuries after switching to minimal footwear or barefoot running. Common injuries like shin splints, IT Band issues, and knee pain were mentioned as being alleviated post-transition.
Running Form and Efficiency: Respondents frequently cited improvements in running form and efficiency as major benefits of minimal footwear or barefoot running. They noted that such running styles promoted a more natural gait and foot strike, leading to less strain on the body.
Challenges and Risks: While many reported positive outcomes... read more the transition period was also marked by challenges, including the risk of injury from too rapid a transition, and the need for a gradual adaptation period to build strength in the feet and legs.
Personal Experiences and Recommendations: Individuals shared personal stories of overcoming long-term injuries and rediscovering the joy of running through minimal footwear or barefoot running. They often recommended a cautious and informed approach to those considering the transition, emphasizing the importance of listening to one’s body and gradually adapting to the new running style.
Motivations for Transition: Motivations varied but often included dissatisfaction with traditional running shoes due to injuries, curiosity, and the influence of literature and community recommendations. Some were inspired by the book "Born to Run," while others sought to return to a more natural running form.
Overall Satisfaction: The general consensus was positive, with many expressing satisfaction with the switch to minimal footwear or barefoot running, citing benefits such as fewer injuries, improved running form, and a more enjoyable running experience.
Advice for Newcomers: Seasoned minimal footwear and barefoot runners advised newcomers to transition slowly and pay attention to their bodies’ signals to avoid injuries. They recommended starting with short distances and gradually increasing over time.
Demographics and Backgrounds: The responses came from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, with individuals sharing their journey from traditional to minimal footwear or barefoot running over various time frames and experiences.
Future Outlook: Many respondents expressed a commitment to continue running in minimal footwear or barefoot, citing the long-term health and performance benefits they've experienced since making the switch.

For more medical research on barefooting see also



Silent Rocco - My Endgame Sandals April 2024

I already posted about my custom-sized runningpads a few months ago. Then winter came, and I had to put those in the closet pretty much right after receiving them. Now it's finally warm again, and I've been wearing my runningpads the last couple of days. Also, today I ran 5k in them. And what can I say, I love everything about them. Best fit of any sandals so far, they just stay on my feet, second skin style. The single piece of leather feels super comfortable, and I don't slip at all. They are endlessly light as well (about 70 grams). And what I absolutely loved when wearing them for today's run was...
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Ramon Ramos Review March 2024

It's more than running and speed. I want to feel the trail.
I really enjoy the thin materials to get the best feel ever from a barefoot shoe. My feet feel unrestricted and light. The pads feel like they are along for the ride instead of being strapped to my feet so I get to feel the breeze more along my foot bed. The pads handled great on the trails and the road. Minor leather folding at times but no issues to flatten back out. Traction didn't seem to be a problem likely because the foot flex better to contour the trail rather than a stiff sandle board that is forced to flex. They really make me feel barefoot and I love the style. I believe being well used and broken in that this will actually improve the look. The smooth side leather footbed has been the best feel so far of footbeds that I felt from abrasion.
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Barfuss im PottCast June 2022

Sehr spannend: Dr. Martin Daumer entwickelt als Physiker und Marathonläufer Minimal-Sandalen und bekommt sogar mehrfach eine Auszeichnung dafür. Die Runningpads von Fullsoul gibt es schon ein paar Jahre, aber jetzt sind sie uns erst über den Weg gelaufen. 2,5mm Sohle, die sich um die Ferse schmiegt und eine Einheit bildet. Dann noch nachhaltig und aus purem Rindsleder produziert. Sowie die Möglichkeit einer Maßanfertigung. Das lässt ja kaum noch Wünsche übrig. Drum hat Alex sie für uns getestet.

Barefoot Runners Society Forum April 2022

I really like these sandals and am happy to recommend them. They’re easy to wear, very comfortable, offer no hindrance to foot motion, little reduction in ground feel, and do provide just enough protection to add a bit of confidence on uncertain surfaces. If ordering the custom cut, be very careful with your tracing to ensure a good fit. These sandals took a few wearings to mold to my feet, after which they're almost like a second skin.

Barefoot Runners Society Forum MacDiver December 2021

I won these FullSoul Running Pads back in August and received them in September. I wanted to wear them for a little while before posting a review. My initial impression is that these are very well made. As an engineer I was impressed by the process in using a single piece of leather to make these sandals. I used these sandals for running on roads that I can not run skin to ground barefoot on and found that they provide good protection for chip seal and heavily cracked pavement. I considered wearing these for my marathon in November...

Anya's Reviews July 2020

Anya's Reviews Running Pads are definitely the most minimal sandal I've ever worn. They weigh next to nothing and are so thin and supple, it feels just like being barefoot. They can be custom cut to the shape of your foot, or you can order a preset sizing. These are more expensive than the others I talk about here, but if you want a real barefoot feel these sandals are for you. has been an official shop for just a few months. They sell custom and preset sandals that are made from one SINGLE piece of leather (that means no seams to come undone). They are the lightest, most minimal...

Samuel Müller January 2020

Alle meine Erwartungen wurden übertroffen, und ich bin absolut begeistert! Sie sehen schon rein optisch wunderschön aus, aber auch das Material fühlt sich toll an! Genial finde ich, dass die Riemen auf beiden Seiten versetzt, d.h. nicht auf gleicher Höhe, angebracht sind. überhaupt spüre ich, dass hier wirklich Fachleute am Werk waren/sind, die Sandalen sind aber auch, so dünkt mich, mit viel Liebe zur Sache und...

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zum Detail gefertigt - sogar mit gelasertem Namen! Gelaufen bin ich noch nicht damit, ein spitzes Holzstück auf einer Finnenbahn hat mir gestern ein Loch in meine linke Fusssohle gezwickt... Das kann vorkommen, wenn man allermeistens barfuss unterwegs ist, zum Glück sind solche Missgeschicke aber sehr, sehr selten. Mit Deinen fullsouls wird mir dies nicht mehr passieren!

Priya Lorenz June 2016

Running in these full sole running pads has changed the way I run and the way I experience 'barefoot' running. They are the epitome of minimalist running shoes and the provide the perfect amount of support and protection for the trail running I do. I have to be careful not to twist my ankles, as is the case with shoes or barefoot, but these running pads create a much-needed barrier...

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between the soles of my feet and sharp pebbles or sticks etc. I love the freedom they give me to run, leap, and even dance while on my runs and I will be using them for many years to come. As an added plus, they are very stylish as well.


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